Charter Rates | Frequently Asked Questions

We usually start fishing in April each season and will fish until late November and even into December if the weather and fish cooperate. We believe it is important for us to do everything possible to give our clients as much information about our charters as we possibly can. We want you to have all the tools needed to make your fishing trip perfect and have it go off without a hitch. If we've missed something please let us know. Please call Capt. Rick anytime that we can be of assistance in planning your next charter trip.

Couple displays a nice Speckled Trout they caught on Pamlico Sound.
Trip Duration Charter Rates

Half Day (4 hrs.)


3/4 Day (6 hrs.)


Full Day (8 hrs.)


Sunday Only Full Day (8 hrs.)


Sunday Only Half Day (4 hrs.)


The style fishing and species usually depends what is present during the period you will be angling. Capt. Rick (252-216-8220) will be glad to discuss what is available for the dates you want to fish and you will be able to choose the method you are most comfortable with. Years and years of experience help him determine the best fishing method.

Clamming Four People (3 hrs.) $350 (Additional People $50 each)

Note: If catching fish is not your thing and you would like to try something different, we offer our "Clam Digger Trip". This trip involves getting out of the boat and wading around in shallow water while finding clams using your feet. It is very simple and anyone can do it. This is a 3-hour trip that costs $350 for up to four people and $50 for any additional person up to six people total. For example, if six people go it's $450 for the trip. You will get a little bit of an Island history lesson included, plus a couple recipes on what to do with buckets full of clams once you get them home. Many times during this trip we will come across schools or pods of Bottlenose Dolphin and in that case we will get very close to them. Sometimes just a few feet away from the boat!